Valencia yacht charter:rent a boat in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is considered as one of the eldest sailing holiday destinations. It doesn’t simply have a rich history, but it also has a great historic significance like no other city in Spain. Valencia was occupied by the Moors, and this invasion lasted longer than anywhere. This occupation had a strong influence on the city’s culture and cuisine - Costa Blanca is the most attractive tourist and leisure area on the territory, which boasts of some of the best beaches on the coast. 

Valencia is believed to be the third most popular tourist center and yacht charter destination, trailing only Barcelona and Madrid. Except for being a tourist attraction, this place serves as an important financial and economic center. Valencia received this status thanks to the Arts and Sciences City constructed to accommodate more than four million visitors and sailing lovers year over year.

The resort is located in generous and pristine territory on the eastern part of the mainland close to the area of the Turia river opening. This region is regarded by tourists as the Communidad Valenciana and consists of three provinces – Alicante, Valencia, and Castellon.

When planning your vacation, include the Balearics in your itinerary. This archipelago is a must-see place, located only half a hundred miles from Valencia. Ibiza, Mallorca, and Minorca are the most visited areas of the archipelago. These cities are known for great history, charming sheer cliffs and beautiful scenery. There are numerous sun-soaked sandy beaches, coves, and harbors with about forty marines and ninety anchorages found on a relatively small territory.

The local cuisine is another highlight to pay attention to while on a visit to Valencia. You should definitely try the paella, which is a famous dish served in all food venues. Connoisseurs claim that the traditional recipe of the paella includes no seafood. In fact, it is only a kind of a rice dish. After you partake of the meal, you may want to enjoy an adventurous nightlife. Even locals from other cities of the country come to Valencia to hang out at the «Ruta del Bacalao» filled with numerous nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

If you want to discover the onshore area of the town, then we would recommend you to start with the famous El Miguelete and Miguelete – the cathedral and its bell tower. In the cathedral museum, there is a chalice, which is believed to be once used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.

When it comes to swimming and sunbathing, this place has large and magnificent beaches, which are believed to be the best ones in the country. Malvarrosa, Las Arenas, and Cabanal are three most visited watersides in the region. They lie along a long esplanade, where many bars, various food venues, and leisure attractions are found. 

In the southeastern part of the city’s port, there is the Denia Marina. Seasoned sailors and regular visitors alike give this yacht mooring facility an international look and feel. Denia Marina serves as a good base for all yacht charters as it lies within an easy reach of many tourist attractions found in and out the city. 

In the southern part of the city, there is a busy port – the Valencia Marina. It is a vast installation, which comprises over four hundred square meters of facilities. On its territory, there are several tennis courts, a playground for children, a sports ground, a huge swimming pool, and a massive social housing. 

Valencia Yacht Charter Vacation Spot

Valencia is known as a popular tourist attraction with its famous feasts, delicious local cuisine, adventurous nightlife, nice weather, and a number of must-see places. This sailing spot also boasts oranges, which it exports to many countries in the world. 

When we think about the city El Cid comes to mind, who have once resisted the Moorish invasion to liberate the city from occupants during the thirteenth century. Nowadays, remnants of buildings show evidence of such a rough time in the city’s history.

Good weather conditions of Valencia allow tourists exploring and observing famous attractions and popular landmarks found in the area any time of the year. 

Must-See Places

Tourists are drawn to this resort’s diverse evening entertainments - the Falles, an exuberant festival that takes place in the city every March, and the impressive City of Arts and Sciences.

Visit galleries, an interactive museum, tremendous aquarium, planetarium, and the Europe’s best IMAX theater. Other interesting places to discover are the Orange Blossom Coast and Sagunto Archaeological Museum. In the southern part of the city, there is the Costa Blanca beach, which is believed to be the finest in the country. No yacht charter vacation would be complete without a day spent in this city.

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