Yacht charter Sardinia: rent a boat in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is a romantic place for tourists renting water transport in the popular area of the Mediterranean. In summer you can rent the most luxurious yachts on the planet. Beautiful beaches, a pleasant breeze, and emerald sea attract tourists both on simple catamarans or sailing boats and guests on luxury yachts. In this region you can get acquainted with ancient culture, beautiful nature, delicious food and local traditions.

If you hire a yacht with a crew, you will have the possibility to visit many mysterious bays, harbors, and cities located on this pearl of the Mediterranean. 

Sardinia is a gem for those who prefer water transport for hire: ordinary catamarans, motor or sailing boats and the newest models of yachts. Sardinia is an Italian island, discovered a sizable distance away from the continent. The island, despite its popularity, has preserved its beauty, amazing cultural traditions, and ancient history.  For more than 300 days the sun shines, and amazing landscapes attract wealthy tourists on expensive yachts and celebrities.

Renting Yachts 

The island is completely autonomous, even the local dialect is hard to understand for  continental Italians. Sardinia has one of the most charming boardwalks in Europe: snow-white sand combined with the blue sea and greenery hosting herds of sheep.

Sardinia is a unique holiday destination for tourists renting a yacht. It is a blend of traditions and exotics. Through the summer period, many private yachts arrive in Sardinia. Between April and early autumn, bright days prevail here, and a pleasant warm breeze blows from Africa, creating an ideal atmosphere for a comfortable long rest.

You will see that all the bays on the land are placed nearby central towns and attractions. Sardinia is also available from other equally famous resorts, such as the French or Italian Riviera. In summer the resort is visited by many famous personalities, supermodels, and millionaires on private yachts.

For active guests Sardinia can offer several areas with amazing natural surroundings. Begin your research from the caves of Neptune, which are in the north of the Sardinia, in the region of Capo Caccia.

The rental service of water transport in Sardinia becomes popular every year. The island is represented by small motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, sailing boats, luxury yachts, ships with a crew.

Here, as on other islands, the season for renting boats is from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Summer is a high season when yachts are always in great demand. 

Exceptional Climate 

Sardinia is a land with an ordinary Mediterranean climate. Three prevailing winds guarantee excellent conditions for swimming: strong Maestrale blows from north to west, Powerful Ponente from the west and Nice Scirocco from the east.

Unique Landscape and Exciting Location

Sardinia is huge, one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean. Its length is more than 250 km with a width of 150 km. The distance from the land to the continent is 190 km. 

Corsica is located only 20 km from Sardinia. The area is known for its unique landscape with mountains and the plains. Rains happen in winter and autumn here.

Unforgettable Seaboard

Along the shoreline of Sardinia, you will find many secluded bays and stunning beaches that will seduce you to explore them. 

If you decide to pick Sardinia yacht charter, the island has amazingly clear shades of the sea from gorgeous turquoise to bright blue depending on the lighting. You should see amazing cliffs that are placed in the north and beautiful dunes in the west. Appreciate the unique atmosphere of the emerald shore known all over the earth. You will find many corners that you can investigate only by Sardinian yacht charter.

Natural Environment

A 25% of the island's space is under protection of international organizations. There are three parks here with 25 natural monuments and a unique mineral park. Sardinia also has a lot marine protected areas that can be explored only on a boat.

The island's law prohibits construction in areas near protected areas. Sardinia is a land where the amount of sunlight increases every year, that is why there is a scientific lab that gets heat energy using vegetable oils.

Exclusive Plants and Animals

In the sea around Sardinia a famous monk seal lives, while on the island a long-eared bat, albinos, foxes and a spotted woodpecker can be seen.

Delicious Local Cuisine

Major ingredients of local dishes are lobsters, tuna, sardines, squid, shrimp, and various types of legumes. An interesting meat appetizer is popular: a pig or a wild boar is fried or boiled with legumes and vegetables and served with homemade bread. If you hire a yacht with a crew, personal chef will prepare signature dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Cultural Traditions

The locals are kind and friendly, speaking local language and Italian. They will gladly meet you on the Sardinia and help to make the rest as comfortable as possible. 

Scandinavian cultural traditions have also survived to this day found in numerous festivals. World-famous musicians have grown up in Sardinia, for example Antonello Salis and Paolo Fresu. Local artisans make carpets, textiles, wicker baskets, laces, jewelry and cheese from sheep and goats.

Unusual Story

The land has a very deep past as experts believe that it was originated in 4000 BC. For a long time, there were the Romans, hijackers, Phoenician sailors, immigrants from Byzantium and Spain, pirates from Africa. Survived on the land thanks to fern plantations, the locals were engaged in abductions and diversions. Feeling a unique history is possible only from the side of your ship. Popular points of interest are:

  • Giants' Tombs located in the Aiodda area;
  • Towers-fortresses made from metal. The facility was named Nuraghe and is under the security of international organizations;
  • Ancient castle from 13th century in the district of Acquafredda;
  • Necropolis located in Anghelu Ruju;
  • Old churches and temples;
  • Ancient settlements of residents and architectural monuments;
  • Items of painting of Benetutti, 15th century;
  • Mysterious cave in the province of Bonu Ighinu.


In Sardinia locals play darts, football and adore to watch car racing. The island has professional tracks for high-speed races. In town Cagliari races of Formula 3000 are often held. On dangerous and winding roads near the chic city of Porto Cervo one of the stages of the World Rally Championship takes places.

Sardinia has fabulous spots for sailing competitions on boats and yachts. There are many international events here.

On the coast in the Cagliari area various international sailing competitions such as the World and European Championships are held. Several stages of the America's Cup took place here, and in 2010 in the Maddalena Archipelago, Louis Vuitton Trophy was kept. 

In the Porto Pollo area windsurfers are often competing as strong west wind formed between Corsica and Sardinia prevails here. In 2005, the Kitesurf World Cup was held on the island. Sardinian Wrestling is recognized as a traditional sport in Sardinia and approved by the Italian Olympic Committee.


Of course, it is best to hire a boat and sail around the Sardinia. For those who want to investigate an island in detail, there is a car rental. A car with a driver can arrive at the port and take you directly from the boat. Two principal roads unite all the main towns and local attractions on the land. You can only accelerate up to 90 km/h as secondary roads are very tight and tortuous. 

Holiday Sardinia yacht charter is very comfortable. You can quickly find yourself at any location of the land. You will be proposed a variety of options for water transport on the island: from small catamarans to luxury yachts.

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