Portofino yacht charter: rent a boat in Portofino, Italy

For many years yacht charter enthusiasts have a passion for the small and picturesque Italian port in Portofino. Before this place became a holiday destination, it had been a stunning fishing village. Today, it is considered as a vibrant spot offering its visitors luxury yachts and sailboats for rent. Except for chartering, tourists coming to Portofino like walking through its cobblestone streets admiring its silvery hills and olive gardens. Those who were lucky enough to climb to the top of the hill were pleased with the charming view of the harbor and coastline opening up to their eyes. Various food venues, boutiques, and fancy goods stores are scattered all around the port, where different vessels come and go. If you want to enjoy the view of the glamorous boating world in a comfortable and relaxing way, then sit in on of the many local cafes. The coastline surrounding Portofino offers travelers a lot of things to do. 

Surrounding Yacht Charter Spots

If you also want to visit other Italian villages, then rent a boat and sail further down the coast to hit five coastwise villages – Cinque Terre – located one by one in a row. From there you will be able to enjoy the same breathtaking views of the sea. As compared to Portofino, these villages offer cheaper and less sophisticated holiday opportunities. There is a coastal route which connects these five villages.

This area of the coast is picturesque and captivating thus is considered as an entrancing Med yacht charter spot. Ligurian yacht charters usually start in Sanremo or Genova. From this point, charterers head down the coastline toward Elba, the greenest island found in the Med. To the south of this region, there is Civitavecchia, the entrance to the capital of Italy and its breathtaking architecture and historical landmarks.

In Portofino as well as in Cinque Terre there are different types of vessels available for rent including sailboats, luxury and super yachts, catamarans, and others. Like most of the Med, the yacht chartering season in this area usually starts in the middle of spring and lasts until the middle of autumn. Portofino yacht charter holiday destination enjoys ever-increasing popularity.

Bustling Fishing Village with Beautiful Views 

Cobblestone streets, olive gardens, and lofty hills greatly contribute to the charm of Portofino.  From the top of the hills, one can enjoy the view of its stunning landscapes. The shore and the harbor, as seen from the hills, are amazing and fascinating. There is a beautiful square in the harbor, where one can find numerous cafes and shopping opportunities. Enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of many roadside cafes, you will be able to watch locals and travelers going back and forth as well as yachts coming and going. 

Except for the Portofino yacht charter spot, there is Cinque Terre – another place that should be included in your itinerary while on a visit to Italy.  

Things to Do In Portofino

Portofino has become a popular holiday destination for sailors cruising around the Med.  Located in the Italian Riviera, it is an international symbol of the grand style. Today, its harbor is a number one choice for chic families and their luxury boats visiting the village regularly to enjoy summer in this location. There is an impressive rocky coast in Portofino. On the hills and their tops, there are lush olive gardens as well as expansive villas. 

The port and the main square of the village shine with brightly painted buildings. Some of these residences successfully define the culture of the region. This enchanting harbor is very busy while being elegant and pristine. Nearby the village, there is the Portofino Natural Park with incredible views and pathways for relaxing walks. There are also red corals, deep cliffs, and wrecks in the park; therefore, many underwater sports lovers come here to explore the seabed. 

When it comes to tourist activities, Portofino has several opportunities to offer its visitors. The relaxing atmosphere of the village along with its welcoming locals and amazing Italian cuisine makes this place a number one holiday destination for charterers and regular tourists alike. 

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