Mallorca yacht charter: rent a boat in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca yacht charter is especially popular in summer. Mallorca is a favorite place for luxury yachts' owners, several dozens of luxurious boats are always moored on the shoreline of the resort. The land has an ancient history; scientists believe that the first villages here were created in the first millennium. Historic settlements of different people are the reason of specific cultural traditions developed in Mallorca. Because of the warm climate, amazing history of Mallorca and convenient location, it is often visited by tourists who rent a yacht.

Famous Places

The heart of the land is the town of Palma. Buildings in the center of the town exquisitely combine two styles: elegant eastern and traditional Western in a way you will not find similar buildings anywhere else. Guests of the resort can take joy in touring the city's best attractions: Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Pueblo Español, the Paseo Maritimo.

For shopping visit the old town: there are many of boutiques and large stores, as well as a glimpse into El Corte Ingles.

Festivals take place in Mallorca nearly every day, a unique nature and exciting tours will make you enjoy Mallorca.


There are several resorts with fantastic boardwalks around the land that you could hit on a boat and spend several delightful days, resort Menorca for example.

Mallorca is a magical island in Spain overcrowded in summer. Expected a warm climate, sunny weather, endless beaches and night parties. Historical buildings and archaeological excavations await you in the legendary city of Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca is permanent holidays and the maximum amount of entertainment.

The resort has a favorable geographical position. It is placed 9 kilometers from the mainland. There is a an international terminal in Mallorca, which accepts both private airlines and airplanes.

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