France yacht charter: rent a boat in French Riviera

The luxurious yacht charter France sailing time in the French Riviera starts in May with the yearly movie festival in Cannes along with the Monaco Grand Prix. This continues to be the most favorite yacht charter area in the French marina with many choices of itineraries.  In case you look after a comfortable sailing vacation with relaxed seaside sailing together with a feel of Cote d’Azur elegance, commence your yacht charter getaway from the harbour at Antibes, nearby the stunning Iles d’Hyere, maintained as a sea park. Travel east or west around this unspoiled area of the French marina where the sheltered shoreline creates a fantastic sailing vacation with wonderful seashores, lots of anchorages as well as the popular hotels of St. Tropez along with Port Grimaud. Everyday flights to Toulon in addition to versatile yacht charter France trips make Antibes perfect for an extended weekend in yacht charter south of France.

St Tropez and Cote D’Azur

St. Tropez must be one of the superb locations to begin a high-class yacht charter in France. Surrounded by hundreds of years-old walls, little, intimate cafes line the harbour, specialized in seafood and Provencal dishes. Beyond the seafront restaurants, you will discover a web of tiny streets and walkways (‘chemins’) having numerous little stores offering all kinds of things from conventional Provencal meals and brightly tinted linens to fashionable items and hand-made unique products.

Isles Hyeres

These 3 islands, also called Iles d’Or (Isles of Gold) because of the yellow-colored rocks, deliver a particular contrast to the other parts of the Riviera. Simply a short cruise aside from St. Tropez, every island possesses its own specific features. Porquerolles, the biggest of the islands provides an outstanding choice of wonderful sandy (and frequently unoccupied) beaches, along with a genuinely colonial experience to its neighborhoods, in particular, the major village of the identical name. The most compact island, Port-Cros, is actually a National Park. The isle provides a wild sense to it and will be a fantastic spot to walk or to have a picnic.

Cannes And Cote D’Azur

Alongside the seafront runs the famous la Croisette. That's where thousands of people look at the glimmering superstar meeting for the Cannes film festival annually. Coating the seaside are many restaurants which furthermore lease sun loungers, several of them change into cool nightclubs as soon as the sun goes down. Regarding shopaholics, rue d’Antibes goes parallel to la Croisette and it is filled up with all the things from regular French high-street fashion to designer stores. The Old Town possesses its own appeal: a covered marketplace offering local produce as well as flowers. It is a must-have to incorporate to your luxury yacht charter French Riviera holiday.

Isles De Lerins

 Simply a quick ferry as well as yacht smooth ride away from the old dock of Cannes, St. Honorat along with St. Marguerite will be a breath of fresh air. The ancient abbey at St. Honorat, that is even now a working monastery of Cistercian monks, has put a blanket of peace over the isle. The two islands are crossed with walking paths that are so smooth they are ideal for the least dynamic of guests. It is worth visiting simply to take a look at the abbey. Fort Royale (created in 1712) at Ste. Marguerite appeared to be, for some time, the residence of The Man in the Iron Mask - it is a brief walk away from the port and creates a captivating journey. Consider a picnic up to the fortification - have a lunch break watching out over the gulf to Cannes. Get your cameras!


Regarding people who love to wander among the wharfs looking at the vessels; this is the location to go to. Port Vauban is the greatest pleasure ship port in the EU! We do not need to say that you will find every sort of water sports activities you can possibly imagine in Antibes. For years Antibes appeared to be the only significant town in between Marseille and Italy. This was the only area on the coastline to be guarded by ramparts, as a result it has succeeded to preserve typical monuments from every period in its history.

The Chateau, fort and towers currently have been developed into a spectacular Modern Art Gallery, History and Archeology Museum along with the museum of old fashioned crafts as well as local customs. The majority of the treasures may be discovered in the ancient town center. It is more beneficial to check out this part by walking taking in its unique ambiance, roaming among pretty blocks and its slim pavements. Allow yourself be led by the attraction of the craft workspaces where craftspeople do the job, frequently leaving the entrances of their workshops wide open for everybody to observe, or perhaps by the shops with their sun-faded showcases or by the gorgeous scents of simmering meals wafting out of the open windows…

25 kilometers of shoreline where gravel beaches lead to fine soft sand shores (public as well as private), remote even hidden creeks in addition to Five ports (Vauban, Galice, Crouton, Olivette, Antibes). The old city is going to be one of your beloved locations. The Picasso museum along with the Marche Provencal is facing the Mairie (city hall).


Nice possesses a lot of faces, yet has been recognized “the Riviera Queen” for many reasons. The well-known Promenade des Anglais pathway skims the seaside for several kilometers, and it is constantly occupied with travelers as well as natives. On the western side of the Promenade des Anglais, you find the old town, in between Place Massena and the Chateau. Stop off from the shops and museums at one of the many cafés with a café au lait on the street watching the world goes by. The charter yacht will most likely berth close to the old town.

French Ville and Cap Ferrat

Villefranche de Mer along with St. Jean Cap Ferrat, 2 stunning seaside towns hiding exceptional dining places, hidden bays, and superb anchorages. Brief inland excursions organized from your charter yacht will contain historic hilltop villages complete with beautiful passageways and numerous museums. Lots of yachts anchor off also harbour and visitors use the yacht to shore tender.

This peaceful little village is getting really well-liked with celebs snapping up vacation residences on the Riviera for good reason. Having a 16th century cathedral and a gorgeous seashore, Villefranche is located perfectly between Cannes and Monaco. Relax on the beach or maybe wander the town. A trip to the Musee Volti inside the beautiful ancient Citadelle, or the local Musee Goetz-Boumeester, can make a couple of hours go by. Check out the cool, tranquil Chapelle St-Pierre as well as the Citadelle St. Elmo, the residence of 3 museums. Do not forget to visit the small medieval town of Eze.


The prominent Monaco harbour, usually lined with luxury boats, is amazingly compact and the rolling hills of the Alpes Maritimes simply tower above Monaco. The bay is covered with immediately identifiable sights: firstly, the Hotel L’Hermitage; plus the Royal Palace as well as the stunning old town, not forgetting the Casino Royale. To get raw, uncut glamour, it is the right place. Regarding shopping, you will find numerous stores in the curvy streets right behind the pier as well as in the old area.

French South

Cannes is probably the most popular resort locations on the globe and International Yacht Charter Group’s professionals possess access to any completely crewed charter boat obtainable in the South.

Cannes, an exquisite city well-known worldwide, is the residence of the Cannes movie festival along with a few of the finest shops on earth. The arts blossom in Cannes through the yearly film competition and the introduction of the Palm d’Or. Soft sand beaches and spectacular luxury yachts dot the seacoast here. An individual crewed yacht charter in Cannes may be organized around the year to sail the Whilst in Cannes, a private yacht charter France will let you decide on the time as well as the destination of your arrival and also the duration of your visit in Cannes.

Alongside the seafront runs the famous la Croisette. It is where thousands of people view the shimmering movie star arrival for the Cannes movie festival annually and exactly where individuals with A-list style can get pleasure from the Haute couture fashion houses hidden among the luxurious hotels, like Chanel or Christian Dior. Paving the shore is a lot of cafes which moreover lease sun loungers, many of which change into cool discos as soon as the sunlight goes off.

For shopping lovers, rue d’Antibes goes nearby la Croisette and is filled up with all kinds of things from regular French high street style to designer stores. The Old Town of Cannes possesses its unique elegance: a covered marketplace offering local produce along with flowers, the goods are not low-priced but are outstanding quality, yet the plants are a great buy, particularly the roses. On those long summertime evenings, visit for dinner the Old town. Go walking up the cobblestone rue Le Suquet along with rue Petit Antoine just where little romantic restaurants are all around.

Close to Cannes is a group of smaller islands named the Iles de Lerins. Only a short way away from the old dock of Cannes, the isles of St. Honorat as well as Ste. Marguerite will be an inhale of fresh air. The ancient abbey on St. Honorat, initially founded in 400 a.d. and then re-built in the 18th cent., has put a blanket of serenity over the isle. The two islands are crossed with walking paths which usually are so smooth they are ideal for the least vibrant of guests. It's worth going simply to take a look at the abbey that continues to be a working Cistercian monastery and furthermore offers to lodge for anybody who desires to remain for a little bit more time. Ste. Marguerite possesses much more exciting story compared to her sibling isle; Fort Royale (created in 1712) gave, for some time, shelter to The Man in the Iron Mask, prior to he was delivered to the Bastille in which he resided the rest of his life. Fort Royale has long been utilized as barracks during the ages and anyone can notice the improvements. It's a quick walk away from the harbour and creates a captivating visit.

High-class yacht charter professionals, we are specialists in complementing our clients with a yacht charter that will meet all their distinctive demands. A yacht charter is definitely an excellent way to discover the French Riviera. Together with our qualified support, we can put you on a luxury yacht charter which will allow you enjoy the South of France in an ultra-luxury status. Sailing boats, Motor Yachts as well as Mega luxury yachts are all accessible and we can get any completely crewed high-class yacht sailing the French Riviera every summer season.

Weather in France

The country has 3 diverse areas. The western part is oceanic having moderate winters along with mild summer months. Temperature ranges between + 5° and + 21°C usually. The eastern area is continental having cool winters and warm summers. Temperature varies between 0° and +25°C normally. The south-east is Mediterranean having delicate winter and hot summer. Temperature changes between + 5° and + 25°C usually.

French Riviera 

The country is a simple destination to arrive at. Paris CDG hub offers direct routes from all around the globe welcoming 74 mil travelers annually. Nice has a significant international flight terminal as well. The Eurostar binds Paris to London within just 2h 30min and the Thalys train connects Paris to Brussels in 1h 20min.

Infrastructure in the French Riviera

Freeways, as well as motorways, allow very simple to travel all around France. The denseness of the highway network is in a way that there are a small amount of traffic jams so the driving is secure and well-timed.

The railroad net having the TGV bullet train helps make journey incredibly fast between locations, using trains moving as fast as 2 hundred mph (3 hundred km per hour) and placing Marseille or Bordeaux at just 3 hrs. away from Paris, Strasbourg at 2h 15min, Lyon at 2 hrs., the Loire Valley as well as Champagne in less than one hour…

Locations to check out

Traveling in France, it is possible to find inside of a comparatively compact state, all kinds of landscapes. In case you are searching for hills and ski resorts, there're among the greatest worldwide in the Alps (Courchevel along with Chamonix), yet also several in the lower hills of the Pyrenees as well as the Jura areas.

The shoreline is famous all over the planet having the French Riviera along with legendary locations like Cannes, Monaco or Nice, and St. Tropez as well as other wonderful Provence towns around the Mediterranean Sea. Some other destinations are also strongly suggested on the more vibrant Atlantic Ocean like Biarritz, Arcachon, La Baule and even more.

The country is a compromise between Mother Nature and manmade mosaics of farms which provide such popularity to areas such as the Dordogne valley, Provence, Burgundy or Normandy where woods and farming lands mix together displaying the most stunning landscapes on earth with beautiful villages located inside.

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