Yacht charter Formentera and Isla Espalmador, Spain

Formentera is the second smallest island of the Balearics and lies off the Spanish east coast in the Med. It is included in the Pityuses island chain and is a chic beach resort that attracts tourists and sailors traveling to this region..

On the north of the island, there is the Isla Espalmador yacht charter spot. This island remains untouched, which is convenient for yachting devotees coming to Spain, particularly in the high season. 

Things to Do

Formentera offers travelers a number of activities: water sports, diving, snorkeling or fishing.  

This holiday destination is a perfect place to discover popular landmarks in Ibiza afterwards, which is situated in the vicinity of the northern part of Formentera. 

If outdoor activities are not for you, then rent a boat and go to Espalmandor. This place is a secluded spot for those searching for white sandy shores and azure sea and is for guests who value privacy. 

In ancient times both islands were densely populated and yacht charterers consider the harbor in La Sabina in Formentera as Spain’s historic maritime port.

Other Attractions

While on a visit to Spain, you may want to come to the place that is isolated from the toing and froing of other attractive seaside resorts in the region.

Isla Espalmandor attracts holiday-makers with its untouched waterside and Playa de Illetes beach. Except for sunbathing on the beach, visitors can also have a nice mud bath right at the very center of the island. While on a boat go straight to the north until you hit Playa de s’Alga and then go along the thin waterway to the north of the shore to get to a stretching salt flatland with watery mud in the middle of the area.

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