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Carribean yacht charter: rent a boat in Carribean

A world known holiday destination, the Caribbean is “the king of vacation spots.”  This picturesque location is known for its sun-soaked shores, vibrant culture, and a host of all possible boats. Everybody can rent any of these vessels and enjoy an amazing vacation around the sea and the surrounding shores. 

Except for wonderful sandy shores that attract many visitors looking for a perfect place to sunbathe, there are other treasures to enjoy such as coral reefs and mountainous islands. If you want to have the best sailing experience ever, then you should definitely come to see fascinating waterways and shores from the board of one of our rental boats. 

Best Places to Visit 

Boat charters give the opportunity to see exotic sites in the area. The spots to see while on a visit to Caribbean are St Barts, Antigua, British and US Virgin Islands,  St Martin, Anguilla and the Grenadines. If you want to visit particular places, please ask us to give you detailed info on these spots and the charters covering them. 

As the world’s second most visited holiday destinations, the Caribbean islands has different types of boats offered for rent such as catamarans, sailing boats and mega-yachts. Beginners as well as seasoned charterers like this location for its pleasant winds, amazing scenery of tropical islands, and safe sailing routes of azure sea.  

While on a vacation, jump at the opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean nightlife and visit some of its adorable saloons and restaurants to taste the first-class cuisine. In daytime, sunbathe on the soft sand, take a walk in the rainforest,  and enjoy the view of the lofty mountains soaring upward and rare species of birds flying in the sky. 

Sailing Season in the Location

The perfect time for chartering in the Caribbean starts at the end of autumn and lasts until the middle of summer. The high season in this area runs from the middle of December through to the beginning of spring, when travelers from cold countries are looking for warm weather. The time when strong winds are most likely to develop here starts from the end of July and runs until the beginning of October.

 As with lots of sailing Caribbean sites, the off-season that runs here from April and through to July is also a good period to enjoy chartering as there are fewer tourists, nice weather, and balmy winds. The Caribbean consists of a host of volcanic areas known for their vibrant cultures. Incredible sail routes start from Jamaica and Cuba and finish with the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Caribbean Hotspots

Below, there are some of the top-rated sailing spots:

  • Gustavia Harbour with its amazing shops, buzzy nightlife, and luxury restaurants; 
  • Antigua with its rich heritage and natural beauty;
  • Sunset in St. Lucia;
  • St. Kitts with its Brimstone Hill Fortress;
  • Anegada that features majestic beaches, colorful corals, and salt ponds with their exceptional plants, fish, and birds;
  • Guadeloupe with its sun-soaked beaches and corals presenting a contrast to its tremendous mountains and exuberant forests.

Main yacht events of the region are include Heineken Regatta, Antigua Sailing Week, St. Bart’s Bucket and Grenada Sailing Festival.

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