Zoom Zoom Zoom yacht: a masterpiece of naval engineering

The Zoom Zoom Zoom yacht was built back in 2005. With its extraordinary length at 49 meters it boasts outstanding speed and maneuvaribility among the ships of its class. It is considered to be one of the fastest yachts ever built in the US shipyards. Being driven by two engines produced by the famous Caterpillar brand, each offering over 3000 horsepowers, the ship can develop maximum velocity of 23 knots . Don’t worry about the noise they may produce – a special sound isolating casing makes the experience as quiet and comfortable as it gets.

This ship was developed and produced by the Trinity Yachts. The boast boasts a refined and elegant design that line up perfectly with outstanding performance. The vessel set sail for the first time in 2005; in 2009 its hull went through redesign and was painted anew, and in 2014 the yacht was refitted to compete with the modern vessels. The interior design of the yacht is a courtesy of the legendary Evan Marshall. Using the available space to full extent without excessive barriers the artisan created an elegant and somewhat sophisticated project. You can invite the guests for a casual event at the sunny aft deck or have a more formal past time – the variety of available options allows you to spend the vacation just the way you like it.

The yacht boasts some interesting solutions in exterior design that make her appearance easily distinguishable among the other vessels of its class. The designer made good use of the vertical window – they are masterfully implicated in the project. They are organically aligned with the slick lines of the panels and side planking. Of course the Zoom Zoom Zoom also has the feature that is considered to be a trademark for the ships produced at the Trinity shipyards. It is a swimming platform that may be extended or concealed at passengers’ will. It is particularly remarkable about the yachts produced by this brand that the areas on board the ship are multifunctional and may be converted to allow for different past time. There is also a number of amenities for the guests of the charter.

The cruise is served by a crew composed of nine crew members, all of them finely trained to be the skilled professionals. There are also high speed internet connection and top end multimedia equipment at your disposal. The yacht can accept up to 10 guests for a charter cruise and offers 5 comfortable cabins. The panels are produced from noble wood sorts; they add a finishing touch to the spacious rooms, giving the place a luxurious look. The master’s quarters are a masterpiece of interior design with such exquisite solutions as a shower laid with marble and a whirlpool tub.