Typical day on a yacht

One of the most frequently asked questions among novice travelers is what a day onboard a motor yacht looks like. Let’s have a look at what you can experience during in the course of a day.

In the morning

Imagine waking up surrounded by the spectacular coastlines and the beautiful turquoise seas.Being anchored in sheltered bays, you are entitled to wonderful minutes of relaxation with a delicious breakfast that is cooked by the professional chefs. After breakfast you may stay active and enjoy a variety of water sports:  water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking or snorkelling in blue waters with numerous fish and colorful corals. Besides you can have a rest in the shade with your favourite book and play games on board.

In the afternoon

Setting off for another island or coastal town, simply enjoy the most breathtaking scenery – there are numerous opportunities. Don’t forget about lunch with different refreshments and drinks provided on board! After the meal you may either top of your tan on the sunning bed with a tasty cocktail on the yacht’s bow or swim in tranquil waters of a cove, or grab a kayak and paddle around your motor yacht charter.

In the evening

Spending the whole day at sea gives you the deepest emotions and an opportunity to observe the most stunning views. This journey will let you build lasting memories of warm evenings and serene sunsets. Probably you would like to disembark and explore the coastal towns and cities visiting sights of the area, doing shopping, dining at local restaurants or dancing at a local beach bar. If you are a little bit tired you may have a candlelit dinner on board having conversation with your friends or family and then gazing at stars at night.

Certainly you will wish this perfect day never ends but what to expect from the next day? Well, as this journey gives you absolute freedom, you decide what to do with your time.