Top 7 James Bond Yachts

Top 7 James Bond Yachts From John Staluppi

Some yacht owners prefer to give them the same name. However, it happens on the other. For example, John Staluppi, owner of luxury yachts, calls each of the boats in honor of the James Bond films. Soon there will be the first photo of his yacht named Specter, but for now, we will consider the boats already bought by him.

1. For Your Eyes Only

Now it’s called Wanderlust, and this is John’s first James Bond boat. A 36-meter long yacht was built to order in 1985 and supposed to surprise its future owner and differ from all the ships that he had seen before.

“I wanted to create the first boat more than 100 feet long, and it should develop a speed of more than 30 knots,” Staluppi once said in an interview. “I called it a part of the Bond film because its concept corresponded to the unusual planes, boats, and cars that appeared in this movie.”

2. Octopussy

Soon 30 knots already began to be missed, so in 1988 he launched a yacht that could accelerate to 53 knots. The length of the boat is 43.68 meters. Concluding the deal with Frans Heesen, who rented this yacht for a while, Staluppi said: “The ship must accelerate by more than 50 knots. I do not need less. If the boat can develop speeds from 51 knots and more, then we will pay $200000 for each additional node.”

3. Moonraker

After this, Staluppi has found out that the Arab Sheikh Aga Khan plans to build a yacht that can reach a speed up to 65 knots. This situation worried Staluppi, so in 1992 the Moonraker yacht 36 meters long was launched. It could accelerate to 61 knots. Fortunately, the yacht of Aga Khan’s could only reach a speed up to 57 knots. Moonraker was the first yacht from the Staluppi Collection which was bought for commercial purposes and became a part of the Millenium Super Yachts fleet established in 1998.

4. The world is not enough

Staluppi recognized that among the entire collection of James Bond boats, the 42-meter World Is Not Enough yacht is his favorite. The boat was released in 2004, and it was modeled and built in the Neptunus-Millenium area. It is the zone of the shipyards in the Netherlands that belongs to Staluppi. This yacht is another record holder. It achieves a speed of 66 knots.

“Small vessels for fishing and sports could develop speeds of 42-44 knots, and some of them were accelerated to 50 miles per hour,” says Staluppi. “Who would think that now we will ride on the large and very fast yacht, and I will calmly drink a cocktail on the deck?”

5. Casino Royale

Luxury Casino Royale, which length of 49 meters marks the transition from speed to luxury for its owner. It was released in 2008; its interior was occupied by the famous designer Carol Williamson. The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests. There are five comfortable cabins for them. It was sold less than a year after the creation, but still, retains its name associated with the exciting James Bond film.

6. Skyfall (2010)

Made in 2010, the 57-meter yacht Skyfall is on sale now. Geoff Van Aller dealt the exterior design of this yacht, and Patrick Knowles developed the interiors. The yacht accommodates 14 people. They can live in a VIP suite for two, three double rooms and one single room with a large cabin for the owner. Also, there are a jacuzzi, a cellar and a gym on the yacht.

7. Diamonds Are Forever

The yacht Diamonds Are Forever is colossal. Its length is 61 meters. The boat was released in 2011 and immediately attracted the attention of the press. This yacht belongs to the luxury class. “We want to lease this boat for 3 to 4 months a year,” Staluppi said during the presentation. “My main goal is to lease 3 to 4 such boats.”