Seven Seas’ Superyacht: 282 Feet Long Vessel by Oceanco

The Seven Seas yacht is an outstanding piece of naval engineering with an impressive length of 86 meters. It set sail for the first time in 2010 and was later redesigned and refit in 2013. Constructed by the famous Oceanco company, the vessel received a finishing touch by Amico & Co and Nuvolari & Lenard years later.

The hull of the vessel was created with the use of top grade steel which means it can easily withstand the pressure of worldwide cruises or extensive tours alike. The quality and reliability of the ship shines in every detail – a true masterpiece by a legendary brand. The ‘selling point’ of this yacht is a special swimming pool that can be easily transformed into a helicopter landing spot or a leisure area.

The idea of innovation lies at the very core of the Seven Seas project. It was developed with the use of the latest achievements, commissioned by a visionary and built by the best artisans in the world. A jewel, which the sailors around the world could only dream of, came to life. Not only does it boast industrial grade tech solutions, but also outstanding interior and exterior design. The manufacturer didn’t hesitate to use expensive materials to make an impression – the surfaces are mostly produced from noble wood.

The yacht Seven Seas can accept up to 12 guests onboard simultaneously, and they will surely feel comfortable in the spacious suits equipped with everything you might need on a tour. The ship has a fully functional gym, cinema and a massage room always at your disposal. The modern audio systems make the experience as immersive as it gets. There are also the owner’s quarters – a luxurious private area that includes a deck with a pool and a study. On top of that the Seven Seas ship carries a tender and a sports boat onboard .

The vessel is operated by as many as twenty three crew members – enough to make the trip comfortable for the guests. The yacht’s technical features correspond with the international standards. With two diesel engines onboard it can develop an impressive speed of 20 knots. 7 seas yacht is based in the Caribbean Sea since 2011.

This ship was a prominent step for its developers, the Oceanco company. A refined example of top grade engineering and intricate design, the 282 feet long superyacht is a masterpiece in terms of reliability, exterior and sheer power. It is a manifestation of the engineer’s ability to bring outstanding projects to life.