Seafair Mega Yacht: Premium Class Vessel for 600 Passengers

The Seafair yacht first hit the water surface a decade ago in 2007. Constructed in America, this vessel is a result of collaboration between the industry’s biggest names. This masterpiece of naval engineering can accommodate a total of 600 passengers at a time as well as over a hundred crew members. The ship’s interior is a modern interpretation of the classic principles, a bold statement brought to life by Luiz De Basto.

The team behind the technical part of the project are the artisans of Dejong & Lebet – a famous bureau that earned its name for skillful use of the latest cutting edge technologies with great success. At the core of the Seafair mega yacht design lays the idea of innovation, a fine example of a brilliant solution forged at the crossing of the modern tech and the creator’s will to push the boundaries. After the necessary tests were conducted and the vessel proved to be reliable enough for extended cruises, it was transferred to the owner’s location. The yacht’s maximum width is about 13 meters which makes it one of the biggest examples of its class. The hull of the ship was created with the use of top grade steel, reliable enough to withstand the harsh impact of a possible storm.

This magnificent beast is driven by a 3512 strong engine produced by the Caterpillar brand. The yacht has 600 beds to accommodate visitors on board, and it also offers a range of amenities to make the cruise a pleasant experience. 150 crew members will take care of the passengers’ need ensuring a perfect holiday for them.