Monaco Yacht Show

The 27th yacht exhibition will run in Monaco on 27 – 30 September 2017. The event this year will be much bigger and more elite than in previous years. It will feature the best yachts that can be bought or rented; boat manufacturers and their designers will try to surprise all visitors. The good fact is that Monaco is the leader in the number of chartering ships.

What is the Boat Presentation in Monaco?

The Yacht Show is held each time in the large port of Hercules and for a several days brings together professionals in the richness yacht segment. A lot of companies and individuals such as manufacturers that build yachts, brokers, talented designers, service and boat equipment providers gather in a single place to show the exclusive innovations in the class of luxury yachts.

This show is the unique in the class of very expensive yachts. Here you won’t find a ship less than twenty-fifth meters in length, and they are all for sale and in demand. The Monaco Boat Show is one of the biggest expositions on the continent, where so many luxury yachts are represented.

Historical Notice About the Expositions

The exhibition of luxury boats was first held in Monaco in 1991 and looked like a real show. Since then, many years have gone, and the exhibition changed its format several times. Each year it becomes more popular because interest in big and expensive yachts increased. Luckily, it has an attractive location, the state of Monaco. It is situated at the core of the Mediterranean Sea and is a favorite resort of luxury boats’ owners. Moreover, the current Prince of Monaco, the lover of the expensive ships, took this show under the auspices and tried to visit it each time.

About 85 shipyards were represented at the last year Monaco Yacht Show.  There were more than two dozen yacht tenants, more than fifty designers of warships and yacht designers, about 200 firms that produce equipment for boats, more than 70 luxury craft manufacturers, a number of companies with a worldwide reputation, many sports federations, and international magazines on that show. Also, there were private helicopters, jewelry, and other luxury things.

The exhibition, which takes place in Monaco, consists of:

  • The general exhibition which presents exhibits of 500 leading yacht manufacturers. It takes place in the area of wider than 15 000 sq. m. Only high-class companies are called to the show;
  • An exhibition on the water, where more than a 100 of gorgeous yachts from around the planet are represented. Their length varies from 80 to 270 feet. Annually about fifty new models are presented on this show.

The participants of the event are world-famous professional yachting specialists, companies-participants, and private persons from 40 countries of the Globe. All of them come to the exhibition to see the freshest innovations and buy their favorite models.

As for the exhibits, the creators of the ships use this show to surprise the connoisseurs with their latest creations. Each year the central stars of the event are 1-2 vessels or models of yachts. Exclusive boat with three masts S / Y Maltese Falcon became a sensation in 2006, and the world famous in 2007 was the yacht ALPHA NERO. At the exhibition in 2012, superyachts were introduced. They had no analogs on the market: Wally BETTER PLACE, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, LYANA.

We should mention that some vessels presented at the exposition in 2013 have impressed all the visitors. We mean the boat Lurssen NORTHERN STAR 75 meters long, the luxury CHOPI CHOPI yacht from CRN 80 meters long, the amazing 73 meter yacht RED SQUARE, the yacht called ANASTASIA, the yacht Length 72 meters VSY STELLA MARIS and a huge yacht QUATTROELLE.

Like many other similar events, it is worth a visit to understand the modern trends in this industry. Just like on other shows where brokers display their ships, it’s very easy to learn new capabilities of ships, both novelties and models of the past. There is an opportunity to assess the overall situation of the boat, and if you are familiar with this yacht, you can get acquainted with the internal design and build quality in general. What are the interesting features that define this ship from its competitors? What is the location of the cabins on the yacht? Is there enough area on the deck, is it comfortable on it? These are very important questions, the answers to which can simply be found at Monaco Yacht Show.