If you have cash, you can easily make your vacation unforgettable. There are plenty of methods to do this, but the best way is to rent a mega yacht. Let’s look at this question in greater detail and see in what situations such transportation mean can be the best alternative to spending unforgettable vacations.

Description of Megayachts

As a rule, it is a huge yacht with the size more than 24 meters long. Besides, it has a professional crew, which will make your vacation more comfortable. According to the data of 2014, the average price of a super mega yacht which is presented for sale is €8 million.

Approximately, there are 10000 mega yachts in the world. The most popular of them are motor boats. As a rule, rich people choose mega yachts to vary their sea vacations and enjoy privacy.

Size of Mega Yachts

It is evident that all yachts have some peculiarities. As a matter of course, these are huge seagoing taxis with the average size 35-40 meters long. In some instances, they can be huge like Azzam. Its size is approximately 180 meters long, and it is regarded as the most massive mega yacht on Earth.

Though at first glance all of them seem to be nice and convenient, some of them were manufactured many years ago. A good example of an old but amazing mega yacht is Olympus. Its size is 28 meters. Besides, it is popular thanks to George Callendine Heck, a famous Wall Street Investor. He traveled on this yacht from Long Island to Wall Street. Many years ago, Olympus belonged to the U.S. Navy. Furthermore, many celebrities like Al Pacino or Harry Truman managed to appreciate the convenience of Olympus.

Popularity of Mega Yachts

Overestimating their popularity is difficult. Surfing the net, you will see lots of mega yachts presented for sale. Nevertheless, if to believe the statistics data, motor yachts are more popular.

In 2015, there were 734 new yachts in construction. The most expensive and luxurious one is Solandge. Its price is €170 thousand.

The most famous mega yacht belongs to Andrey Melnichenko, a famous Russian billionaire. Paul Allen is also considered to be a real fan of mega yachts. He also owns the yacht with the size 126 meters.

How to Rent a Mega Yacht?

There are many services offering tourists to rent super mega yachts. Nevertheless, not each traveler can afford this entertainment. The price for its chartering is rather high. Still, if the cost makes no matter for you, you can easily choose the mega yacht on the website of one of the popular services, offering boats or yachts for rent.