Mega Yacht Charter 101

Have you ever been on a yacht journey that is specifically tailored to suit your needs and wishes? It takes a lot to make it happen, ranging from consultants’ expertise and the efforts of crew members to the outstanding quality of the vessel and the equipment aboard, but the result is well worth it. The mega yacht charter in Mediterranean or Caribbean See is one of those exclusive pastimes that make lifetime lasting memories.

The trip is personalized in total accordance to your idea of the perfect holiday. It is not only the route, but the menu and bar stock as well – the food and drinks are prepared and served just like in top restaurants with acknowledged reputation. Music and pastime is also chosen by the guest.

The route is planned carefully to make the trip a memorable experience, and the plans can be altered at any given time depending on your demands. For instance, if you intended to visit a port earlier, but at some point you don’t feel like doing it anymore, it’s not a problem. You can stay onboard and enjoy the scenic view in a Jacuzzi with your favorite drink. We can arrange anything that you can imagine. The yacht crew will do its best to make your dream holiday come true and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

A trip on a mega yacht is completely different from an experience you may enjoy onboard a regular vessel. It is not only the size that matters (despite in this case it definitely makes a big difference), but the approach to every single detail of the trip. Every piece of equipment is crafted from top grade materials ensuring smooth experience; the crew is picked from certified professionals. Food is procured by the high end brands– this is a charter that combines simply the best in the industry, taking the quality to a totally new level.

What is the price of a yacht charter?

The first question that a potential client may ask is certainly how much a mega yacht rental may cost. Usually the journeys are booked for a week time, and the average price tag ranges between $350k and $400k with some exclusive offers going well beyond a million dollars. The latter is a 100% custom made vacation – one that you can be a 100% sure no one else will ever repeat.

What about the tips, you may ask? Basically, it is optional; you’re not obliged to extend your paycheck. Yet the crew will usually go an extra mile to make sure your holiday is outstanding. If you feel like they’ve accomplished their job and deserve some gratitude, a sum of 10% the charter fee is considered to be a standard.

For those cases when the service was just extraordinary, a bigger amount is acceptable. The money is usually distributed by the head of the cruise between all those who participated. You definitely get the best in luxurious trips; no exceptions.

What routes and destinations are available?

The mega yachts for rent are not bound to a certain location, they move freely through the waters across the globe. Distance should not be a matter of concern. You can have a jet deliver you to the boarding station; a transfer can be arranged to pick you up at the airport and bring you to the place the vessel is stationed.

One of the most popular courses are the Mediterranean routes when it’s summer in the northern part of the globe; the Caribbean takes the lead in the winter. Northern Europe enjoys certain popularity lately, and so does South Pacific along with Asia. One of the foremost advantages of luxury yacht charters is that you get exclusive access to remote areas with next to no human presence. The infrastructure is non-existent while you have everything on board; this means you can enjoy the beauty of white sand and turquoise waters all for yourself. You can also visit little ports in remote locations where tourists are not that common and the culture is authentic – a great break from the rumbling of big cities.

On certain occasions some yachts embark on world tours; an approximate route is announced and everyone who is interested may join the trip. It’s not necessary to be on the ship from the start till the very destination point; you’re welcome aboard in any given location if there are places available on the vessel. Some ships will reach for the most distant locations – including the Arctic. For those curious about the wonders of the nature, the yacht may have the equipment for explorers, for instance a submarine.

So what is a mega yacht?

The quality of a mega yacht that makes it different from any other vessel is the exceptional craftsmanship that is employed by the people who build it. With meticulous attention to detail and cutting edge expertise the artisans create vessels that are exceptional in terms of reliability and comfort.

What you should keep in mind when you are looking at this segment, is that it relies generally on private communications to make arrangements. You’ll rarely see an advertisement on the web or other media channels. The owners like to keep the club tight and not go public – though ‘newcomers’ are always welcome.

With industrial design constantly developing, the yachts evolve as well. The naval engineers incorporate the latest achievements in this field to produce better versions of the vessels. One of the latest trends is the extensive use of glass that allows immersive experience with the surrounding nature.

You may also notice a big emphasis on the side decks in the yacht structure. They can be repurposed into multiple facilities, ranging from spa pools to garages or leisure places. Advanced engineering equipment may also be placed there – such as stabilizers that reduce the risk of sea sickness and allow the passengers to play pool on the waves.

One of the options is a helicopter landing pad that can turn into a sports field when needed. A massage room can be installed as well as a beauty salon. For all the adrenalin junkies there are jet packs, waterslides and climbing walls available to choose from.

What differs a super yacht from your average vessel?

Travelling by a mega yacht is an exclusive and extravagant way of enjoying your holiday, but what turns a vessel into a luxurious ship? Despite the standards may vary in Europe and the US, a ship is generally considered a super yacht if its length goes beyond 200 feet. Some examples may reach triple this size. There is rumor in the industry concerning a new 222 meter long yacht being built; the project should be finished by 2018.

With state-of-the-art tech being and the exquisite designs melding into a marine masterpiece, the superyachts are a manifestation of luxurious holiday. The interior and exterior decorations show off the guests’ wellbeing, and a wide range recreational activities available onboard will ensure every moment of your holiday becomes a memory worth recalling.

The crew onboard a charter yacht has to go through careful screening process and extensive training – it is up to these people to make the experience as smooth as it gets. High demands of guests have to be met with very special attention that is attained via a number of means. A charter race is leisure for the rich and the service remains at top level under any circumstances.


Going on a super yacht cruise can’t be compared to other holiday activities; it is a totally exclusive experience, a once in a lifetime memory. Even if you embark on another tour the next year, it will most certainly be totally different.  Enjoy the quality time with your friend and family in the most entertaining way possible.

It may be hard to get the grip of the things in this field from the very first try, so there is always a team of professionals at your disposal to make the necessary arrangements. Brokers who specialize in yacht cruises will help you pick the vessel, route, menu etc.

If you are uncertain as to where you should start but you know that this kind of holiday is definitely up your allay, get in touch with us today and we will make you set up the perfect vacation!