Le Club 55 in Saint Tropez

Unforgettable vacation. Le Club 55

Are you looking for where to spend your holidays? Don’t worry! Try something new and fascinating this year. Let us introduce a bit different way of relaxing. A charter cruise along the fabulous French Riviera is in the high request. It’s a real pleasure to sail to St. Tropez admiring the environment, breathing clean sea air and being in expectation of the miraculous rest. Do you wish to find out why people choose this destination? The answer isn’t very difficult. Setting off to the coast in the summertime, everyone has an excellent opportunity to go sightseeing, relax, and become a participant of the well-known movie occasion festival.

What is the secret of the place popularity?

The most famous place in the South of France is certainly the Le Club 55 Saint Tropez. From the first sight, it may seem not to have an attractive location, but it is always crowded and noisy there. The popularity of the recreation center is connected with its past events. In the middle of 20th century, a movie was filming exactly on this place. Brigitte Bardot was also in the cast. The inhabitants were asked to make dinner for actors. The film was shot, but the glory about celebrities and especially their previous location still got. Since that time, this area has been used as a suitable spot for having a meal, relaxing and chattering with friends. Of course, the club has changed a lot and became cozy and appealing. It is famous for its delicious cuisine, romantic environment and a great number of film artists and many other rich people.

Welcome to the piece of luxury and rest

The best way to get there is to take a two-hour voyage pulling off from Cannes. The vacationists admire the beauty of mountains during the cruise and finally disembark in a busy dock. You are welcome to the piece of luxury, excess and massive squandering. To visit the club in the summer means to spend a tidy sum. Because a plenty of visitors makes the manager increase the cost. And if you are dreaming about the rest on a cozy sun lounger under a parasol sipping the wine, you need to reserve it in advance. It concerns lunch there as well. In general, relaxing at the club costs you almost 100 euros per person. There are some other ways to get to the place, but using yacht charter makes a voyage more attractive and unforgettable.

It’s necessary to remind our clients that to have a place for relaxing everybody has to come there as early as possible. Of course, all sun huts made of the straw as well as more tables at the Le Club 55 St. Tropez are already booked and taken by guests. But still, there are some spots available which everyone can take. As a rule, lunch there is after midday. For this reason, you have spare time for swimming, sunbathing, sipping a glass of wine in the company of friends or a loved one.

What is worth tasting in the facility?

The recreation center is famous for its delicious cuisine. The main dish with fries is delicious and served for all visitors of the place. Besides, fresh gifts of nature are always used both, as single hors d’oeuvre and salad ingredients. By the way, it isn’t necessary to buy wine or other alcoholic drinks. They are offered in addition to the lunch.

Meet the owner of the place

The club belongs to the direct descendant of original holder, Mr. de Colmont. Sometimes, it may seem that he knows each visitor. And vice versa it turns out that he is a famous and distinguished person in this part of the country. But the owner never cares about his fame. It’s hard to understand how he copes with running the place. He is always worried about his customers’ comfort. To tell the truth, the man looks delighted and friendly all the time.

They say that on the ordinary summer day more than one thousand people come to have lunch there. However, the area doesn’t seem to be overcrowded and noisy. You can enjoy your meal and rest, and it doesn’t matter if you spend spare time in the company of 10 or more friends or with your soulmate. Of course, it’s great idea to celebrate here a birthday or another occasion. But if you are looking for a cozy and quiet spot, it’s better to visit this restaurant in winter. Vacationists enjoy the meal and conversation with close friends in “cold season” on New Year’s Eve, for instance. There aren’t a great number of outsiders, but the weather is still sunny and clear.

In general, the recreation center is only one of many other magnificent places on French coastline. All of them are included into one charter day route and are actually worth visiting. These spots differ from each other. For instance, The Voile Rouge is a club which is famous for its bad reputation. Many years this was a well-known place for women who being naked expressed their position of overall freedom and claimed about their vital lifestyle. Almost 5 years ago the club was closed, but a lot of people who liked having a rest there have been trying to get the permission and open it again. In spite the result, the area is still used as a memento of liberated fantasy and independence. For sure, everyone who wants to listen to the sounds of a thunderstorm and admire the beauty of landscape will find Nikki Beach fascinating. All in all, St. Tropez with its amazing nature, friendly people, and delectable cuisine can definitely turn holidays into unforgettable and even divine relaxing. And it isn’t surprising why Pampelonne Beach is highly demanded final yachting point all over the world.

We know how to organize an unforgettable traveling

To be sure in the truthfulness of these words, it’s worth watching the video on the website. It shows variants of routes (chartering to the desired part of France, for instance) and favorite places. Le Club 55 is also included. The list of the most demanded clubs on the sea coast counts more than 25 items. Bora Bora, Le Liberty, Polynesia, Coco Beach and others wait for their tourists. Everyone can read about them in details on our official website.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and are happy to carry out your wishes. Be sure we will find you the best yacht and organize a marvelous and romantic voyage.