Alfa Nero Superyacht – A Jewel of Dutch Engineering

With a hull built of premium grade aluminum and high quality steel, the Alfa Nero Yacht is considered to be one of the best examples of modern naval engineering. It boasts a maximum width of 14.2 meters and an impressive length of 82 meters – a monster of its kind outreaching almost every contestant in his class. This is a project that many prominent names in the industry took part in – Oceanco, Nuvolari & Lenard and Albetro Pinto all made a contribution. An iconic vessel that shows what can be achieved when the best minds get their hands onto the best materials in the industry. It’s safe to say that this ship altered the way people see the modern naval architecture, it pushed the boundaries further – a proof that good is never enough when it comes down to innovation. The exterior of the vessel is a stunning masterpiece in itself that has earned the developers a range of awards.

The best part about the yacht Alfa Nero is that it doesn’t really follow any of the established rules that every participant of the industry should follow to earn recognition from their fellow artisans. The people who built this particular ship were not the ones looking for recognition; they are widely known specialists, masters of their craft who set the standards. And they mustered the courage to ignore the concepts and build their very own project, one unique and different in every aspect. The result was well worth the effort; it is balanced and slick, beautiful and functional, built without compromises. Everything you would expect to find on board is available.

The dark toned hull of the ship reflects the sunrays bathing in the water surface – the sight definitely makes a dazzling impression. Despite being built from highly durable materials, the vessel is a lightweight construction with a beautiful silhouette. It also boasts spacious interior with all the bulky stuff hidden from the eye.

The Alfa Nero’s aft deck is the ship’s ‘selling point’. While a pool onboard a super yacht is hardly a surprise for anyone, it certainly attracts attention and makes you marvel at the wonders of modern engineering if the area can be promptly converted to a helicopter landing spot. The beauty of modern shape and wide functionality are carefully melded together in this project.

The interior is laid with the noble wood sorts that add a luxurious topping to the yacht design. The textured panels are polished white and resemble mother-of-pearl.

Just like the other luxurious yachts, the Alfa Nero has spacious master’s quarters at the upper deck. They are a manifestation of wealth and style, a room well fit for a Roman ruler whose name the yacht bares.

The design for this vessel was developed by the famous Italian maestro Dan Lenard, and the idea was brought to life by the Dutch company Oceanco. The ship won a series of awards from organizations around the world earning it creators even more solid reputation.

Ever since it was launched in 2007, the yacht received awards for the best interior and exterior styling as well as the best use of innovative technologies in its class. The ship also took part in some prestigious events such as the Boat Show at Fort Lauderdale.

The ship is available for charter cruises. It can accept up to 12 passengers on board (except for the crew) in 6 spacious cabins. It is a great opportunity for a relaxing holiday aboard a luxurious superyacht with your family or friends.