8 Most Lovely Classic Yachts

1. Moonbeam of Fife III

A boat 30 meters long is an amazing model of a classic yacht. It was manufactured in 1903 by Fairlie. Moonbeam even now is a great regatta, despite the fact that it is more than a 100 years old. William Fife created the vessel, it is built of wood and has a body made of oak. Interior decoration is made of mahogany. Now, this historic yacht is for sale.

2. Tuiga

The yacht was constructed by the shipbuilding company William Fife. The boat was ordered by the Dukes of Medinaceli, the ally of King of Spain. It has existed people for more than 106 years and managed to change 10 owners. In 1995, it was purchased by Prince Albert II. Since then, the ship actively participates in competitions and is the leading ship of the yacht association of the state of Monaco.

3. Mariette

It is a classic schooner with two masts 42 meters long. The yacht was established in 1915 in the USA. The age did not affect it. However, during the life, it was repaired several times: the restoration took place at Falmouth in 2010 and repeated in 2012 when the vessel was being prepared for the race with beautiful sailboats. By the way, the yacht has got a victory in St Petroc Traditional Class and the general standings. In 2014, it went to the recovery.

4. Creole

Now, this luxury yacht made of wood belongs to the famous Gucci family. However, the history of its life is exciting. It was created by the company Camper & Nicholson in 1927 for the wealthy Alan Cochran. She received the name Vira. Then, it was called Magic Circle, and through the II World War, it was transformed to a minesweeper. Earlier, the boat participated in numerous America’s Cups and competitions. In the 1970s, it passed to the Danish state and was used in the recovery of drug addicts to teach them sailing. After a decade, in 1983, it was purchased by the Gucci dynasty.

5. Endeavor

One of the fabulous representatives of J Class, this ship was the main contender for the victory from Britain in the Cup of America in 1934. In that race, the yacht has lost to a strong competitor, the Rainbow vessel which belongs to Harold Vanderbilt. The endeavor was manufactured by order of sulfur T.O.M. Sopwith, who wanted this ship to be the most modern. Sopwith had an experience in the designing aircraft, so he applied this knowledge during the creation and installation winches on a ship. Sopwith did not spare money to make this boat the best among all the beautiful yachts of that period.

It was a part of the famous British sailing fleet and remembered by many fans of this sport because it has won almost all the races in the debut season. Although the America’s Cup failed to win, it was as close to winning as viable.

In the years, since 1934 the yacht was forgotten by its owners, and in 1947 it was wanted to be sold to a scrap metal dealer. Just a few of hours previously it was destroyed, another buyer saved the yacht. Famous American yachtsman Elizabeth Meyer purchased the ship in 1984; then Endeavor was restored by Royal Huisman. In 1984, for the first time in 50 years, the yacht was put to sea. Now, this ship is for sale.

6. Elena

The factory Morton in 1910 completed the yacht named Elena. The vessel was 55 meters long and designed by the American architect Nathanael Herreshoff, whom his contemporaries called “Wizard of Bristol.” He has gained fame by creating most beautiful yachts for wealthy Americans. Herreshoff has set a goal for the factory workers. They had to create a ship that can gain.

Herreshoff endowed the boat with a much deeper keel than all the best yachts. He also lowered the core of the ballast of the boat, improving its windward ability. The yacht easily won many runs in its first seasons against the fastest classic sailing yachts, and in 1928 it was waited for by the main winning in the Transatlantic race. In 2009, it was reconstructed, taking into account the unique design of the creator.

7. Black Swan

Charles Nicholson created the scheme of this yacht, and company Camper & Nicholson built it in England. Black Swan won a couple of important races in the 1910s and even got the King’s Cup, an honorary award of those times. During its life, the boat has changed sailing equipment several times, and once even changed her name to Changrilla. In the 1960s, her primary name was returned. The yacht has undergone a total renovation in Italy and is now equipped with a gaff rig that was created specifically for her by Faggioni Yacht and installed by Harry Spencer.

8. Mariquita

It is another example of the gorgeous classic yacht. Mariquita was established in 1911. This 18-meter yacht was made for the famous industrialist Arthur Stothert. The yacht with a gaff-rig inspired many architects to create similar yachts, and Mariquita is one of the first ships of the J class.

Mariquita entered into competition with the best classic ships in the period from 1911 to 1913, but in 1950 it was the only 1 in the 19-meter class. The ship was repaired in 1991, and in 2004 – completely re-equipped. Now, this celebrity in the world of classic sailing yachts is for sale.