Largest sailboat in the world: 3 biggest ships

When we talk about yachts, size definitely matters. While the length is definitely not the only and foremost advantage of the vessel, this trait is a matter of prestige – and there are always leaders in this field. In this article we will talk about the 3 ships that compete to be the largest sailboat in the world.

The names of these beasts are quiet well known – you have most certainly heard about Mirabella V, Athena and Maltese Falcon if you are sailing enthusiast. These wonders of naval engineering are masterpieces that stand out among the rest – which is a actually a big achievement for a field that features the most exquisite designs in the industry.

While we feature these names together, it’s not actually correct to compare them directly since their structure differs significantly. They are all built in different styles and the ‘yacht’ class is probably the only similarity. Each of them is unique in its nature. These yachts cost from $275k to half a million dollar to charter for a week – a price well beyond the average, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Let’s get straight to the vessels.

Athena is actually the biggest sailboat commissioned till today. With a length of 90 meters, it is a pride of the Dutch Royal naval engineering. Developed by the famous yacht architect Wolter Huisman, it became maestro’s last project. It is an example of ‘modern classic’, a combination of centuries’ worth experience and cutting edge technology.

The follow-up contestant is the famous Maltese Falcon, an impressive 88 meter rigger. This one is a manifestation of progress and new solutions being implemented in the yacht design. Innovation sparks in every aspect – ranging from structure to interior.

The last entry in the ‘Big Three’ list is the 75.22 meter long Mirabella V, a huge sailboat created as an example of traditional craftsmanship. Large enough to carry a bus aboard (though you wouldn’t need one), it became a sensation back in 2004 when it was launched. It remains a jewel of the industry till today.